42nd Lithuanian Festival of Baltimore


Bringing the Baltic to the Bay.
May 10-11,2014, Saturday & Sunday 11am-6pm.

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Welcome to the website of Baltimore Lithuanian-American Comunity


At last, the Lithuanian Community of Baltimore and its surrounding region have what many Lithuanian communities the wide world over have – an internet website!

Lithuanians had already started settling in Baltimore at the end of the 19th Century establishing various organizations and associations striving, as was their aim, to maintain their language, customs and traditions. With great resolve and solidarity the Baltimore Lithuanians succeeded in achieving this purpose.

We proudly acknowledge this mission achieved as we look upon the wonderful Lithuanian Hall whose 90th anniversary of activity we will be celebrating this coming year. We can take joy in the fact that, even through difficult times, we continue to open the doors of the Lithuanian Hall and to support Lithuanians and their activities.

Now, with the times moving on inexorably we find ourselves in the Information Age – the internet taking up an important role in all of our lives, especially as the primary means of communication amongst friends and family. Thus, the purpose of our website is to provide all the more information about Lithuanian activities in Baltimore and surrounding areas.

In this website you will find interesting historical facts about the life and livelihood of Baltimore’s Lithuanians, you will become acquainted with the organizations that are active in the Lithuanian Hall and the activities of the Lithuanian Hall Association.

This website is intended to be open to all who would like to contribute their thoughts and share their experiences in the Lithuanian Community and the Lithuanian Hall. As such, we invite any and all to post onto the website announcements, advertisements of their trade or business and to cooperate, socialize and mingle freely.


Gintaras Bujanauskas

President of Baltimore Lithuanian-American Community

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